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Prairie Dog Boring Machines have been offering the best value in utility boring for 50 years.  In addition to their simplicity of design and operation, all of our machines are built with a low cost of ownership and ease of maintenance in mind.

Missiles and moles can’t compete with our accuracy, dependability or versatilty.  One Prairie Dog machine can bore multiple size holes.  A missile just isn’t designed to do that.  Plus there’s no need for an expensive air compressor with a Prairie Dog.  All you need is a water source with municipal type pressure and a garden hose.

Missiles can go wildly off course once launched.  They can hit something like a root or rock which will stop them cold or worse they will change their direction.  There is no recovering from the course change.  Prairie Dog machines will bore through the obstacle.

Watch a Prairie dog bore through solid limestone:

Can your missile go through limestone?

HDD rigs have their place but are overkill for the majority of jobs that our machines do.  They are great for long bores of hundreds or even thousands of feet or more but much too expensive to own or operate for long taps and other road crossings.  Almost all highways are less that 100 feet wide.   Most are less than 60.  At 100 feet you can hit a 2′ x 2′ come out pit every time with a Prairie Dog and save lots of money doing it vs HDD rigs which start in the 6 figure range.

Just read this recently received testimonial:

Hey Bill, I just wanted to share with you a 12” bore we did over a 60’ length and hit the bore pit center on.   It’s a you tube video because of the size

(In the video they’ve already bored the pilot hole and have started backreamime.  As you can see hit a 2′ wide come out pit dead center.)


Gene Camargo, General Manager McCoy Water Supply Corp. – McCoy, TX  1200TW

Finally, if you are contracting these services out you are probably paying way too much money to someone else.  If you have an occasional bore to do you are paying a premium to the contractor and having to wait on them to get to your small job.  Prairie Dog machines will pay for themselves in just a matter of a few bores.  If you are doing many bores a month you can have a machine paid for in no time and still you’re not dependent on another contractor with big expensive equipment or inaccurate missiles.

Bottom line is if you could or want to be doing the work yourself there’s just no reason not to own a Prairie Dog.  With complete packages starting as low as $3200, pit machines under $10k, can you afford not to own a Prairie Dog?

Many accessories are available.  Since we build the machines we are able to build to custom specs.  If you don’t see what you need on the website or would like to know more about what we can do for you please give us a call.  We’re here 8-5 CT, M-F.  No phone trees or voice mail here.  A friendly voice will answer the phone and will be ready to help.  The only time you’ll get a voicemail is after hours or on the rare occasion we are all on the phone.   281-448-8442 toll free 866-631-3786.  We really do look forward to hearing from you.