Back reaming through concrete

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Prairie Dog Boring Equipment has sold some machines recently in the Texas Hill Country.  Most of the work they are used for are 1″ or so service lines.  We’ve been able to bore the pilot holes fairly easily and have developed a new pilot bit for harder soils and soft rock like sandstone and limestone.  Some of our customers would like to be able to make larger holes now that we have the pilot bit working so well.  Our traditional back reamers haven’t been as fast as we would like them to be so we’ve been trying to change some things up.  Vibration was one of the biggest problems and once we figured out how to settle that down the cutting went a lot faster as well.

It took about 5 minutes to back ream through this 10″ thick piece of concrete with this new style.  That’s about a 20 minute improvement over our first attempt.

Field trials in Lakeway Texas in Hill Country limestone are next.  Thanks to Lakeway MUD for sticking with us.

Prairie Dog Boring Equipment provides the best value in utility boring.  Nothing is going to work perfectly in all conditions but we offer the most economical and versatile available on the market.  We listen to our customer’s needs and try to find ways to meet them and in doing so we increase our value and versatility.

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