Boring through solid rock in the Austin Texas area!

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The following bore was made by a new customer, Lakeway Municipal Utility District, in the Austin Texas area.  They were installing a low pressure sewer lateral from a house to the main.

The bore was about 30 feet long, 26 feet of which was solid limestone.  The only area that wasn’t rock was the ditch where a water main had been installed previously.

The pit had to be dug by using a backhoe mounted breaker and then 60 pound air hammers and chipping hammers.  The 2″ bore took the better part of a day to complete.

You wouldn’t even think about doing this with a missile.  Prairie Dog machines are simple to use, durable in tough conditions and reliable in a wide range of soil conditions.  You can count on accuracy that missiles or even pushing rods just can’t compete with.

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