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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock(some have) you’ve no doubt seen photos of the devastation that the Houston Area has suffered in the last 5 days.  THE PHOTOS ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO REALITY.  There is no one in this metro area that hasn’t been affected.  Either rescuing, being rescued, volunteering at a shelter, protecting others property, donating what they can, offering a place to say or just a kind word.

Meteorologists are saying this was an event that dropped the most rain on an area as large as what was affected than anything event ever recorded on the gulf coast.  I’ve seen estimates say that the amount of water could fill the Great Salt Lake two times over or cover the entire lower 48 in .17 inches of water.  It could keep the Mississippi River flowing for over 3 1/2  days.  The numbers are almost to big to comprehend.

Even as the clouds broke yesterday there were areas of town that were under the threat of still rising waters and rescues were still taking place.

Recent estimates I’ve seen have said that some 30 t0 40 thousand homes have been completely destroyed.  The count on homes that will need major work?  Who knows at this point.  Businesses have been affected.  The things we take for granted like having food on the shelves, fast food restaurants being open all night…it just isn’t happening.  They can’t get supplies in.  This morning on the way in to work things look like they are getting back to normal, cars are out seemingly on their morning commute.  Trucks are back out on the roads hopefully getting shelves stocked and things back up and running.  I the days to come there will be stories of human suffering that will make us cry and human triumph that will build our confidence in each other.  Now that the worst is over the emotions will start to flood out.  I hope they focus on the positive.

Our recovery will not happen overnight.  It may take weeks for some, years for others. Many of those people commuting to work may find there is no workplace left.  Their customers may be flooded and unable to operate.  Production along Houston’s ship channel came to a halt and there will be thousands affected by the trickle down of things not working as they should.  Overtime will be lost.  Paychecks, if they come, will be smaller, commissions and bonuses will be affected all while the cost of living rises in a city that has had a relatively low one.  Housing costs will go up simply due to the laws of supply and demand, insurance costs will rise as insurance companies pay out billions in claims.  The cost of gasoline will rise and all that trickles down too.

Much charity is pouring into the city.  JJ Watt of the Houston Texans raised 1 the 2 then 5 million dollars.  He now has his goal on 10 million.  Every penny is needed but what this city needs is to get back to work as soon as possible.  Texans are a prideful bunch and one of the things we take pride in, along with the efforts of the last week, is our ability to rally when things seem to be at their worst.  Clutch City baby!

While charity goes a long way what we need more than anything is a sense of purpose and getting back to normal.  I’d like to ask anyone reading this to consider #buyhouston if and when you can.  If you are in need of products for your business, supplies, manufactured goods, anything you can think of,  there are still very capable businesses ready to serve you and would love nothing more than to put their people back to work as quickly as possible.  Sure, basic things will be in short supply here for a while due to logistics but maybe you are needing a run of machined items, plumbing supplies, castings, PVF…you name it.  I can just about guarantee you there is someone in Houston that can do it or has it and would love the work or the orders.   Obviously not everyone can do this but if you have the time just consider it.  Google is a wonderful thing, do an extra search, make a phone call if you are looking for something and want to see if you can #buyhouston.  Even send me a message, I’ll try to help you find what you are looking for.

This city has been brought to it’s knees before.  The oil bust in the 80’s saw a comeback through diversifying into other manufacturing capacities like plastics and chemicals so we wouldn’t be as dependent on the oil industry.  Storms like Alicia, Allison and Ike have knocked us down and we’ve always risen up stronger.  Harvey appears to have been the biggest blow to this town yet but good things will come from it and once again we will be stronger than ever.  Be a part of it and #buyhouston.