Exceptional Durability

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500TG3 300x196 - Exceptional Durability

Prairie Dog boring machines are built to last.  We use quality components such as Honda engines on all but our handheld machine which features an Echo engine.  Engine parts, if needed are easily accessible locally just about anywhere in the world.

Other parts like chains, sprockets and bearings are standard off the shelf items.  We stock most parts including engine and drive train parts along with the parts and accessories like bits, backreamers, drill rods etc. that we build at our plant in Houston, TX and can ship usually the same day.  Prairie Dog machines are easy to work on when you need to.

This is good to know when you do have something break or wear out.  Even better news is that it doesn’t happen very often.  We have machines in the field that have been in service over thirty years.  In 2013 a local water system finally replaced a Prairie Dog machine that they had bought in 1978.  Just the other day I received a call from a customer that had bought a handheld machine in 2005.  He was needing some new drill rods for it.  He said he had lost count years ago of how many service lines they had installed with the machine.

Can you say any of this about a missile?  Are parts easy to find?  Can you work on it yourself?  Does it consistently do what you need it to do.  Prairie Dog machines offer all that and more.  Obstacles are no match.  I recently posted a video where we bored through 10″ of concrete and backreamed a 6″ hole.  Missiles and moles don’t offer that kind of versatility.  Our 700TWG can bore a 2″ pilot hole up to 100′ and backream up to 8″ from a launch pit about the same size as you would launch a missile.  The frame is 5 1/2′ long x 18″ wide.  That’s a lot of boring capacity in such a small package all for about the same as you are paying for a single size missile.

Give us a call at 866-631-3786, locally 281-448-8442 or email me at banderson@undergroundequip.com

We won’t waste your time but we would like to get to know a little about your local conditions and the challenges you face in getting your underground boring accomplished.  If our machines aren’t right for you we’ll tell you but in most cases our machines offer better versatility in a wider range of soil conditions than any other method available. Factor in the low cost of owning and operating a Prairie Dog machine and you’ll wonder why you haven’t purchased one sooner.

We hope to hear from you soon.