Get the job done on time and within your budget with a Prairie Dog boring machine!

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It can take weeks for a contractor to find the time to come do a simple bore. When they do you end up paying way too much for their expensive equipment.

Prairie Dog boring machines are easy to operate, easy to maintain and get your job done for the lowest cost of any methods available for the size.

Missiles and other compression techniques are risky. One small obstruction will change their path and the result can be disaster. Some areas are effectively outlawing the use of missiles through county directives that prohibit their use. Prairie Dog Machines are an acceptable method because of the rotation and the anchor point of the machine itself, obstacles are much less likely to dramatically change the course of the pilot bit.

Prairie Dog Machines work in a much wider variety of soil conditions and a single machine with relatively inexpensive attachments can bore several sizes of hole giving it much greater versatility.

“As a first time user I can say that The Prairie Dog Boring Rig is pretty simple to use. I made a 60ft bore and came out within a foot of where I expected to. Great piece of equipment!”

Travis Bryan Ms. Band of Choctaw Indians Public Works Dept. Choctaw Ms.Model 900TW

Prairie Dog machines require much less maintenance and usually last years longer than a typical missile. Many of our machines are still being used after 20+ years of service.

We can bore 2 inch to 28 inch holes across roads, driveways, highways or anywhere that surface disturbance needs to be minimized.

We have recently introduced the Prairie Dog 500TWG. A shorter version of the 500TW that delivers all the accuracy, power and variety of the longer version but in a frame that fits in the same size bore pit as a missile or bullet mole.

The machine can bore a 2″ hole up to 100 feet in length and back ream up to 6″ diameters. Missiles simply don’t offer that kind of versatility. They are typically limited to one size without modification that affects performance and possibly even warranty. Missiles can veer wildly off course, so much so that they are being “outlawed” in some areas of the country because they can come up through the pavement you are trying to avoid disturbing. With a Prairie Dog, because the drill bit and rod is tied back to the stationary machine, severe variations in direction are much less likely. Learning to use the machine is a easy.


I have purchased two machines from Bill at Prairie dog and have had nothing but great service. Our machines have stood up to a variety of difficult material to bore through and are still getting the job done. Thank you for your service and your product.

Jason Knobloch – Coryell City Water Supply – Gatesville, TX – Model 1200TW

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