New Quick Attach Rail System for PDP140EW add to Pup’s versatility!

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Introducing the groundbreaking rail system from Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment. With its compact size of only 7 feet in length and weighing just 48 pounds, this innovative addition enhances the capabilities of our highly versatile PDP140EW “Pup” machine. Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in pit boring with the Pup.


Our rail system offers unparalleled ease of use. Whether you prefer to utilize your own pipe or our 5′ pit boring drill stem, the rail system seamlessly accommodates your choice.


The installation process is straightforward. Simply dig a pit measuring 12″ wide and 7′ long, then set and level the rail system within the excavated area. The Pup machine effortlessly settles into a purpose-built cradle and securely locks in place with two pins. Remarkably, the entire installation and removal process can be completed in less than a minute, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


For customers seeking greater flexibility in acquiring our equipment, Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment now offers financing options for equipment purchases. We understand the importance of providing tailored financial solutions to meet your specific needs.


To set up a Prairie Dog Boring Equipment 30-day account, please download the printable application available on our website. Once completed, kindly fax it back to us at 281-448-5553.


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