Prairie Dog Boring Machines are extremely versatile and easy to use.

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Prairie Dog Boring Machines have been boring holes for municipalities, service companies, utility, plumbing, electrical, communications, irrigation and landscape contractors for 50 year.

Whether you need to bore across a sidewalk or driveway for a sprinkler system or electrical connection, across a county road for a service tap or across a highway for a main extension or repair we have a machine that will fit any budget allowing you to do your job on your time with your equipment.  That put’s the savings directly to your bottom line.

Our handheld machine will bore 4″ holes up to 50 feet which makes it perfect for landscapers and irrigation contractors.  Our largest machine will bore up to 28″ diameter.   With several models in between we are sure to have one that is right for your needs.

If you are using air missiles or piercing tools our 700TWG gives you all the versatility, accuracy and dependability of a Prairie Dog but in a compact size that you can use in the same length(or shorter) pit you launch your missiles from.  The machine can bore up to 8″ holes so it is perfect for anyone needing to bore under streets for long taps or sewer laterals.  The machine can even bore on grade.

Just read this testamonial from a long time customer:

I am the Construction Manager for Quadvest LP. We are a water and wastewater utility company. We currently have 3 Prairie Dogs. Two of these are used on a daily basis, the third is used when we get behind. The Prairie Dog is easy to set up and easy to use. My guys actually put sewer laterals under the road, on grade, with this machine. We have tried other machines, but we always come back to the Prairie Dog. Bill is always available with the parts and knowledge to keep our machines working like they should.

Jimmie Brock
Construction & Maintenance Manager
Quadvest LP

Video of Quadvest using a Praire dog for sewer laterals

Our machines are built to withstand years of use in the toughest soil conditions.  Bits and reamers are built to cut through just about anything put in their way.

Another testimonial:

I have purchased two machines from Bill at Prairie dog and have had nothing but great service. Our machines have stood up to a variety of difficult material to bore through and are still getting the job done. Thank you for your service and your product.

Jason Knobloch                                                                                                                   Superintendent, Coryell City Water Supply                                                                                   Gatesville, TX

Video of a Prarie Dog boring through rock in the Texas Hill Country

The right machine doesn’t have to be complicated that’s why we build ours to be easy to operate.  There are no electronics and no expensive locating devices.  It’s really not needed for the type of boring we excel in.  That keeps the machines easy to understand, operate and maintain.


(We) Spent our morning putting our new equipment to use! The manufacture said to start with a small job and work your way up to the big ones. Those that know me will say that’s not my style. We bought 2 new small diameter boring machines from 3/4″ to 8″ completed 100ft of 1-1/4 water line with tracer wire in under 3 hours. It took longer to excavate, remove the roots and prep the site then it did to bore and install the pipe. Tomorrow we will back fill and complete the project. Thanks to my crew  And our helpers! They made the city of South El Monte very happy (we) even had a pleasant visit from a couple city councils members thanking us for the quick work getting the water resupplied to the park! @ Prairie dog boring

1 300x225 - Prairie Dog Boring Machines are extremely versatile and easy to use. 7 225x300 - Prairie Dog Boring Machines are extremely versatile and easy to use. 8 225x300 - Prairie Dog Boring Machines are extremely versatile and easy to use.

Raymond Gray, CEO
A-1 Total Service Plumbing  – Los Angeles, CA
Model 900TW  Model 500TWG

If you are in need of quality, dependable and easy to operate boring equipment give us a call at 281-448-8442.  We answer the phones Monday thru Friday 8 -5 CST.  We don’t have a phone tree and voice mails that are rarely needed are promptly returned.  Additionally you can email me directly at

Either way, I look forward to hearing from you!

Bill Anderson, President, Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc.