Prairie Dog keeps it simple

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Keeping it simple not only applies to our machines but to our way of handling our business.  That includes simply answering the phone.  We don’t have a call center or a service.  When you call our local or toll free numbers we are going to answer the phone during business hours.  In the rare chance that we can’t get to a phone that is ringing in the office it will go to my personal cell phone and if I can’t answer it the call will eventually go to my personal voice mail and I will call you back as soon as I possibly can.  Emails are also answered promptly.  After hours calls come to my personal phone and if I don’t answer, again, please leave a message so I can get back to you.

The point is that if you need to talk to us for advice, service or to get a quote on a new machine we are going to do our best to be available for you and not hide behind our email or our website.  We don’t believe in pushing buttons for who you need to talk to or what language you speak.  We won’t keep you on indefinite hold.  We will always strive to answer your questions right away and if we can’t we will work diligently to find the answer and get back to you.  I believe once you have initiated a call to us with an inquiry it is our responsibility to follow up, not yours.  Following up doesn’t mean bothering you constantly if we have quoted something either.  I may make a call to be sure you got an email but that’s about it.  I figure if you want our machine and your budget allows it you’ll let me know.

That extends to quoting a price.  You will always get someone that can give you a price.  If you don’t know exactly what you need, I am happy to help you decide.  Our machines aren’t perfect for every job and every situation.  If we aren’t your best option I will tell you that.  I’d much rather not sell you a machine than to have you buy the wrong thing.  For that reason I like to spend just a few minutes finding out about the scope of your work and recommend the best machine for the job.  This is not a conversation that is going to take an hour.  It should take 5, no more than 15 minutes at the most and that’s probably going to be because you have more questions.

If you need financing for a new machine I have a network of lenders that have the same philosophy as me.  They will get in touch with you, minimize your paperwork by doing as much of it themselves as they possibly can and will get back to you with prompt answers.  If they fail to do that I won’t recommend them anymore.  It’s that simple.

See, you are the customer or potential customer.  We respect and value your time.  That’s our philosophy.

So feel free to pick up the phone and call us Local 281-448-8442 or toll free 866-631-3786 and see that it really is that simple.