Prairie Dog machines offer unmatched versatility

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There are a few boring methods available for the installation of water and sewer lines under roads, driveways, highways and other surface obstacles.

Prairie Dog Boring Equipment offers the most versatile machines available and at a very affordable price.

Pneumatic missiles and hydraulic moles are limited in size.  Not only are they specific in size but when using a compression technique the general rule of thumb is to bore 1 foot below the surface for every inch in diameter.  This means that for a 4″ mole or missile to be used safely without the worry of buckling the surface it would have to be a minimum of 4 feet deep.  Even at that depth if you run into compacted soils or soil that has been stabilized it still has the possibility of disrupting the surface if it can get through it at all.

With a Prairie Dog machine the hole is not created by compressing the soil it is cut, a hole is made as if you were drilling it.  The eliminates the possibility of surface upheaval.  Cuttings from the hole are washed out with a manageable amount of water for the pilot hole and after the pilot hole is finished larger holes can be back reamed up to 28 inches.  This give us unmatched versatility.  Even better is the cost of machines.  Our machines are self contained with the exception of a water supply.  There are no expensive air compressors needed and no hydraulic power packs or hoses that could rupture and create an environmental nightmare.  For any size hole that a missile or mole can bore we can provide a machine for much lower total cost of owning and operating that will provide much more versatility, better accuracy and the ability to bore through obstacles not get stopped or redirected by them.

Ongoing development efforts have resulted in machines that will fit into smaller spaces but still offer the versatility we are known for.  We’re building bits and backreamer that are now being tested in harder soil conditions including limestone and sandstone.  Delivery methods are being tested to allow clay inhibitors to be drafted into the water supply rather than having to premix and pump from a tank for the toughest sticky clay soils. This further enhances our capabilities and demonstrates our commitment to provide the best value in boring available.  It just makes sense to own a Prairie Dog boring machine whether you make a few bores a year or a few a week.  Moles and missiles can do one thing and really can’t be improved upon.

For information about how we can help you bore more easily, save or make money and have peace of mind that you have the best machine available give us a call at 281-448-8442.  You won’t waste any time navigating a phone tree.  A friendly voice will be ready to help you decide on the right machine for you.  If our machines don’t fit what you need we’ll tell you that as well.  After 50 years we know a thing or two about boring.  No machine works in all applications.  If ours won’t do what you need we’ll tell you.  Our reputation means everything to us so we’d rather lose a sale than have a dissatisfied customer.

In the rare occasion that we are all tied up on the phone you’ll get our voice mail.  Please leave a name and phone number and we will get right back to you.  Alternatively, you can email us at banderson@undergroundequip, use the contact button on the website or if you know what you need it can be ordered directly from our e-commerce page on the site.  Just click Shop.

We look forward to hearing from you!