Prairie Dog Machines will be a great first machine or an excellent compliment to your fleet.

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Prairie Dog machines aren’t intended to compete with HDD rigs.  The process is totally different.  If you need to steer a long bore HDD is definitely the best option.  We have lots of customers who own HDD rigs but still use their Prairie Dog either for simple short bores so they can use their expensive rigs where they will earn more money or for bores where room is at a premium or the HDD rig simply won’t work due to the bore being too short or soil conditions not allowing for steering.

Air missiles, bullet moles and other piercing tools don’t have the accuracy and versatility of a Prairie Dog.  By the time you buy the tool and an air compressor or hydraulic power pack to run the tool you’ve spent more money than you would have on a Prairie Dog and don’t have the versatility to bore multiple sized holes in a variety of soil conditions.

Our website has a full listing of our machines and we have recently launched e-commerce pages where you can shop for individual machines or accessories or choose from popular packages.  If you don’t see what you are looking for feel free to email us at or call 281-448-8442 for more information.  We will be happy to discuss any needs you may have.