Simplify your boring and stop rolling the dice on missiles or moles

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Underground boring for utility installation doesn’t have to be difficult, unpredictable or excessively expensive.  With a Prairie Dog boring machine you can simplify the process and as a result save time and money.  We have a range of machines to fit any size job and budget.  Municipalities and contractors who service them, plumbers, electricians, landscape and irrigation contractors and anyone else that needs to bore under roads or other surface obstacles which makes open trenching impossible or too expesive have relied on these simple to operate, durable and reliable machines for 50 years.

Prairie Dog machines are much more accurate and versatile than pneumatic missiles.  With a missile you get one size.  A Prairie Dog can bore multiple sizes.  A missile requires an air compressor to operate.  That’s just one more piece of expensive equipment to own, maintain and transport to the job.  A Prairie Dog simply needs a water supply which can come from a tap or can be pumped from a portable tank if a supply is not readily available.  Once a missile is turned loose it can end up anywhere.  They can hit an obstacle like a small rock and redirect their path without you ever knowing it.  They can run into stabilized soils and be stopped in their path.  They can take a dive and get stuck causing you to have to cut the hose and leave your investment buried or they can come up through the pavement which you were trying not to disturb in the first place costing thousands to repair.  A Prairie Dog is much more dependable.  It will bore through most obstacles including stabilized materials and won’t be redirected by small rocks roots or other buried debris.  At less than the cost of a missile and air compressor you can own a machine that will give you much more reliability, lower maintenance and higher productivity.

Just read this testimonial for and watch the video that goes along with it.

Hey Bill, I just wanted to share with you a 12” bore we did over a 60’ length and hit the bore pit center on.

Gene Camargo, General Manager McCoy Water Supply Corp. – McCoy, TX  1200TW


And this one

Spent our morning putting our new equipment to use! The manufacturer said to start with a small job and work your way up to the big ones. Those that know me will say that’s not my style. We bought 2 new small diameter boring machines from 3/4″ to 8″. Completed 100ft of 1-1/4 water line with tracer wire in under 3 hours. It took longer to excavate, remove the roots and prep the site then it did to bore and install the pipe.  Thanks to my crew And our helpers! They made the city of South El Monte very happy even had a pleasant visit from a couple city councils members thanking us for the quick work getting the water resupplied to the park! @ Prairie dog boring

1 300x225 - Simplify your boring and stop rolling the dice on missiles or moles 8 225x300 - Simplify your boring and stop rolling the dice on missiles or moles

Raymond Gray, CEO
A-1 Total Service Plumbing  – Los Angeles, CA
Model 900TW  Model 500TWG

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