Underground Boring Made Easy!

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1200 TW 300x177 - Underground Boring Made Easy!Prairie Dog boring machines are easy to operate, easy to maintain and get your job done for the lowest cost of any methods available for the size.

Missiles and other compression techniques are risky. One small obstruction will change their path and the result can be disaster. Some areas, In Texas and Florida, that we know of are effectively outlawing the use of missiles through county directives that prohibit their use. Prairie Dog Machines are an acceptable method because of the rotation and the anchor point of the machine itself, obstacles are much less likely to dramatically change the course of the pilot bit.

Prairie Dog Machines work in a much wider variety of soil conditions than missiles and a single machine with relatively inexpensive attachments can bore several sizes of hole giving it much greater versatility.

HDD rigs are expensive to own, operate and maintain. They just aren’t practical for the contractor that needs to make a few bores a year or many short bores. Mobility alone can get expensive and then you still have to dig down to make the tie ins. With Prairie Dog you are already there. Dig the pit, make the bore, tie everything in and cover it up. No waiting!

Hiring a boring contractor that uses an HDD rig can be expensive and you have to wait for weeks sometimes for them to get to your job. Eliminate the frustration by owning a machine you control.

Prairie Dog machines require much less maintenance and usually last years longer than a typical missile not to mention the air compressor required to run it. A Prairie Dog only requires a municipal water source or a tank of water and a small water pump. Many of our machines are still being used after 20+ years of service.

We can bore 2 inch to 28 inch holes across roads, driveways, highways or anywhere that surface disturbance needs to be minimized.

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June 2017 testimonial

Bill…We have been very pleased with the performance of the Prairie Dog 1200TW machine that we purchased. We just completed a project with fourteen driveway bores ranging from 12’ to 25’ without any problems at all. We are looking forward to trying it out on some longer bores soon.

Reuben Garza – Project Manager
LKG Resources – Grapevine, TX
Model 1200TW