Horizontal Boring Machines


Company Overview and Policies

The "Prairie Dog" line of boring equipment was founded in 1968. Since then we have developed a full line of Prairie Dog horizontal earth boring machines, ranging from a versatile 22 pound hand-held machine for 2” to 4” holes, up to a heavy-duty 395 pound machine for 3” to 28” holes over 200 feet in length.

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Ditch the Missiles

Missiles can end up anywhere but where you aim them including the middle of the road. Soil conditions dictate whether they can be used at all. Missiles can get stuck or lost altogether along with a significant investment which leads you to making a major decision. Dig it out and tear up what you were trying to avoid tearing up in the first place or leave it there and buy another one. This won’t happen with a Prairie Dog Machine. Our machines will work in a variety of soil conditions and just by design accuracy is much better.  Pricing is comparable, our versatility and range is much better.  There is no better option for utility installation.

Prairie Dog Boring Equipment

All of the Prairie Dog machines are small, lightweight and inexpensive compared to competitive products. All have clutches and other safety features and are built sturdy to provide years of trouble-free operation.
A complete line of Prairie Dog bits and backreamers is available for every boring condition, from from sand to rock. Many useful attachments and accessories are also available.

Our Capabilities

Prairie Dog horizontal earth boring machines are now in use all over the USA, Canada, Mexico and many other countries. The machines are used by water and sewer utilities and plumbing, electrical, telephone, cable, landscaping and irrigation contractor, plus many others.  Our quick accuracy on short bores make us an ideal choice for force main or low pressure sewer system installations.  Our rugged durability is evidenced by the number of 20+ year old machines still in use.  If you are using other means of boring like piercing tools we have a better solution.  Our machines are more accurate and work in a wider range of soil conditions and require much less maintenance.  All this at a comparable price.


Return Policy:

  1. The customer is liable for all shipping costs when returning or exchanging an item to Prairie Dog Boring Equipment unless the product has been damaged during shipping. This policy also applies to warranty returns.
  2. As stated in the Return Policy, when returning an item for credit, a 25% restocking fee will be charged to your account. This policy also applies to shipments that are refused and returned only after the item has been shipped. If the item has not been shipped or a shipping ticket printed than we will cancel the order and return 100% of your money.
  3. All cancellations after shipment are subject to a 25% (of total invoiced order) cancellation fee. Return shipping of the product is not refundable.
  4. Any shipment received in conditions other than brand new will be charged 50% restocking fee of the total amount.
  5. It’s the customer’s responsibility to report any damages/shortages within 48 hours of receiving the product. No claims will be accepted after 48 hours.
  6. No returns will be accepted without authorization from Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc.  Once Authorization is approved, the customer will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization number or RMA number.
  7. The Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA is valid for 30 days ONLY. After the 30 day time limit, the RMA remains invalid.
  8. There are absolutely no returns on used or damaged products other than freight related damages.
  9. The purchase price at time of sale is final.
  10. ALL returns are subject to approval by Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc.

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