You can order directly from Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc. We ship all over the country and can export as well.

Please call 281-448-8442

or Toll free 866-631-3786

for a fast, friendly quote or to find out if our machines are right for you. You won’t be pushing buttons to navigate a phone tree here. A friendly voice will answer the phone 8a -5p M-F and be ready to help.

If you would like for us to call or email please click the Contact Us button at the top of the page. This will bring up a contact page. We need at least a name and phone number. Feel free to put as much or as little other information as you’d like. We’ll return a call promptly or at a time of your convenience. If you would prefer to be emailed please let us know what model(s) you are interested in or what your scope of work is so we can help you choose.