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Celebrating 50 Years!

Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment offers unparalleled value in utility boring, prioritizing simplicity, reliability, and versatility. Unlike missiles and moles, our machines excel in accuracy, dependability, and adaptability. With the ability to bore multiple-size holes, our equipment outperforms traditional methods.


One of the key advantages of our boring machines is that they eliminate the need for expensive air compressors. Instead, all you require is a water source with municipal-type pressure. This cost-effective approach makes Prairie Dog Boring Machines accessible to contractors and municipalities alike.


While HDD rigs are suitable for long bores, they often come with significant costs that may not be practical for contractors seeking an affordable solution for uncomplicated bores. Our underground boring machines offer a simple design and intuitive operation, providing unmatched versatility for a wide range of soil conditions.


In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide various boring tools and accessories. As the manufacturers of these machines, we have the flexibility to customize our products to meet specific requirements. Our team is readily available to assist you if you don’t find what you need or have any inquiries. When you reach out to us at 281-448-8442 during our operating hours of 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM CT, Monday through Friday, you can expect a friendly voice eager to provide support without the hassle of phone trees or voicemail.


We value your interest in Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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Prairie Dog Underground Boring Machines

Our Underground Boring Tools provide Minimal surface and base destruction

Uncomplicated underground boring equipment without all the expensive technology

Lawns, trees, roads, driveways, etc.
Reduces surface and base disturbance.
Alleviates the need for replacement backfill and surface materials.
Eliminates the time and labor required in reconstruction.

Featured Products

700TWA cropped e1526516116392 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
700TWA package *Confined space machine*

Great for confined spaces / hazardous locations where exhaust can be an issue or where internal combustion engines are not allowed. Package includes: Prairie Dog model 700TWA boring machine Twenty 1.25″ x 4′ drill rods One 2″ pilot bit One … Continued

$8,632.86 +Sales Tax where applicable Read more
140EW 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
140EW “pup” Package

Package includes: Prairie Dog PDP140EW “pup” Six 1/2″ x 7′ drill rods One 2″ pilot bit One 4″ backreamer One light duty cable swivel One set of 2 drill rod guides Quantities on items like drill rods already included in … Continued

$3,524.96 +Sales Tax where applicable Add to cart
1200 TW 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
Boring Machine – Prairie Dog model 1200TW
Extra Horsepower for when you need to accomplish bigger bores in tough conditions.  This model offers give you the best of both worlds.  Low cost of ownership and high production capabilities.  Popular with utility contractors, municipalities, municipal utility districts, management companies, private water companies and other service companies who have tougher boring conditions, rock and tight reactive clay.  This machine can do it all and will last for years.   The Honda engine and American made transmission both offer the ease of maintenance and dependability that is expected from a Prairie Dog Machine. Don't believe it what it can do?  Watch this video of an 18" x 40' bore  1200TW Demo Bore
$10,501.40 +Sales Tax where applicable Add to cart
500TW e1526503430881 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
500TW package

Package includes 500TW Boring machine Fifteen 1.25″ x 4′ drill rods One 2″ pilot bit One 4″ backreamer One 6″ backreamer One heavy duty cable swivel PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $165.69 PER MONTH* Quantities on items like drill rods already … Continued

$7,954.20 +Sales Tax where applicable Add to cart

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