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Celebrating 50 Years!

Prairie Dog Underground Boring equipment offers the best value in utility boring. In addition to their simplicity of design and operation, all our machines are built with low cost of ownership and ease of maintenance in mind.

Our underground boring machines are used by municipalities, municipal service companies, utility contractors, pipeline contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, lighting contractors, irrigation contractors and just about anyone else that needs to bore under a road, driveway, highway, runway, or any other areas where surface obstacles prevent open trenching.

Missiles and moles can’t compete with our accuracy, dependability or versatility. One of our boring machines can bore multiple size holes. A missile just isn’t designed to do that. Plus there’s no need for an expensive air compressor with a Prairie Dog Boring Machine. All you need is a water source with municipal-type pressure.

HDD Rigs are great for long bores but cost prohibitive for many contractors needing an inexpensive boring rig for uncomplicated bores. By offering a simple design and ease of operation we can build an underground boring machine that is affordable for any contractor or municipality but offers unique versatility for multiple sized bores in a wide range of soil conditions.

Many boring tools and accessories are available. Since we build the boring machines, we are able to build to custom specs. If you don’t see what you need on these pages or would like to know more about what we can do for you please give us a call. We’re here 8-5 CT, M-F. No phone trees or voicemail here. A friendly voice will answer the phone and will be ready to help. 281-448-8442. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Prairie Dog Underground Boring Machines

Our Underground Boring Tools provide Minimal surface and base destruction

Uncomplicated underground boring equipment without all the expensive technology

Lawns, trees, roads, driveways, etc.
Reduces surface and base disturbance.
Alleviates the need for replacement backfill and surface materials.
Eliminates the time and labor required in reconstruction.

Featured Products

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700TWG “Harley” Package *Compact and powerful*

This compact workhorse has the power you need to get through tough conditions but is small enough to use in confined spaces.  Much more dependable, accurate and versatile than a missile and all you need is a water supply not … Continued

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140EW “pup” Package

Package includes: Prairie Dog PDP140EW “pup” Six 1/2″ x 7′ drill rods One 2″ pilot bit One 4″ backreamer One light duty cable swivel One set of 3 drill rod guides Quantities on items like drill rods already included in … Continued

$3,395.80 +Sales Tax where applicable Add to cart
500TW e1526503430881 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
500TW package

Package includes 500TW Boring machine Fifteen 1.25″ x 4′ drill rods One 2″ pilot bit One 4″ backreamer One 6″ backreamer One heavy duty cable swivel PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $165.69 PER MONTH* Quantities on items like drill rods already … Continued

$7,954.20 +Sales Tax where applicable Add to cart
500RTW 2 e1526531380444 268x268 - Underground Boring Equipment
Boring Machine – Prairie Dog model 500RTW

Prairie Dog model 500RTW Weight: 135 lbs                                                                                                                      Dimensions 32” x 24” x 32” Engine: 5.5 hp Honda Gearbox: Sealed, spur gear Clutch: Centrifugal, oil High floatation tires Capacity: 2”-6” x 100 feet Capacity may be limited by soil conditions. Please … Continued

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