ANA Site Construction

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We purchased the 700TWG a year ago and this machine has saved an enormous amount of time and money. With the light weight of the machine I do not need oversized equipment and I have yet to be in a spot where it wasn’t useful. I have bored 2″ services to 8″ main line driveway crossings with ease. With the ability to perform this in-house my schedules are being completed ahead of time.

Thank you,


ANA Site Construction

Submitted 2/11/22

Al Felicioni Enterprises – Long Island, N

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It is a great machine we use it almost everyday to tunnel underneath roadways. I’m so glad I was able to find something this compact for easy transporting. This machine beats using a missile by a mile. Great staff to deal with also .

Matt Felicioni – 700TWG

Submitted 11/28/20

A Tool Shed

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Great product worth every dollar. We have over 12 in our fleet. Great customer service as well. Great job Bill and team keep up the good work.

Sean Murray – A Tool Shed – Santa Cruz, CA and surrounding areas – PDP140EW


Gene Camargo,

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Hey Bill, I just wanted to share with you a 12” bore we did over a 60’ length and hit the bore pit center on.   It’s a you tube video because of the size

Gene Camargo, General Manager McCoy Water Supply Corp. – McCoy, TX  1200TW

Raymond Gray

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Spent our morning putting our new equipment to use! The manufacture said to start with a small job and work your way up to the big ones. Those that know me will say that’s not my style. We bought 2 new small diameter boring machines from 3/4″ to 8″ completed 100ft of 1-1/4 water line with tracer wire in under 3 hours. It took longer to excavate, remove the roots and prep the site then it did to bore and install the pipe. Tomorrow we will back fill and complete the project. Thanks to my crew  And our helpers! They made the city of South El Monte very happy even had a pleasant visit from a couple city councils members thanking us for the quick work getting the water resupplied to the park! @ Prairie dog boring

Raymond Gray, CEO
A-1 Total Service Plumbing  – Los Angeles, CA
Model 900TW  Model 500TWG

Reuben Garza

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Bill…We have been very pleased with the performance of the Prairie Dog 1200TW machine that we purchased. We just completed a project with fourteen driveway bores ranging from 12’ to 25’ without any problems at all. We are looking forward to trying it out on some longer bores soon.

Reuben Garza – Project Manager
LKG Resources – Grapevine, TX
Model 1200TW

Jimmie Brock

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I am the Construction Manager for Quadvest LP. We are a water and wastewater utility company. We currently have 3 Prairie Dogs. Two of these are used on a daily basis, the third is used when we get behind. The Prairie Dog is easy to set up and easy to use. My guys actually put sewer laterals under the road, on grade, with this machine. We have tried other machines, but we always come back to the Prairie Dog. Bill and Jodie are always available with the parts and knowledge to keep our machines working like they should.


Jimmie Brock
Construction & Maintenance Manager
Quadvest Water and Sewer Utility  – Magnolia, TX

Model 1800TW

Obinna Oforma

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Bill, Your machine was tested yesterday and it is wonderful. We we able to make a perfect hole…Your boring machine is super.

test all - Obinna Oforma


Obinna Oforma

Digital Security Technology, LTD

Enugu, Nigeria

Model 900RTW

Lonnie Duncan

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Bill, I just wanted to say thanks, this machine is perfect for us. This gives us the opportunity to give our customers a lot better price on short bores. The “big boys” charge an arm and leg to do these small bores, at least that’s how it is in our area. We are going to be able to recoup our investment very quickly. I am already eyeing the 140HW for service lines. We have the 900TW and it runs great.

Lonnie Duncan, VP

Lobo Utilities and Plumbing

Farmington, NM

Model 900TW

TSgt. Thomas Kiser, USAF

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Thanks Bill,…I ordered 1 of these back in 2008 for Kirkuk regional air base, Iraq. You saved more time and unnecessary repairs on roadway and airfield maintenance, the Prairie Dog is a great machine!! I’m looking to acquire another one for Thumrait air base, Oman. Only someone who does Airfield Repair like myself and the Gentlemen I deploy with can completely appreciate the ingenious design and versatility of the
Prairie Dog!!

TSgt. Thomas Kiser, USAF – Model 1800TW

Travis Bryan

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“As a first time user I can say that The Prairie Dog Boring Rig is pretty simple to use. I made a 60ft bore and came out within a foot of where I expected to. Great piece of equipment!”

Travis Bryan Ms. Band of Choctaw Indians Public Works Dept. Choctaw Ms. – Model 900TW