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New Quick Attach Rail System for PDP140HW add to Pup's versatility! versatile PDP130HW "Pup"

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Introducing the answer to a more compact machine to replace air powered missiles and bullet moles!  The Prairie Dog 500TWG

500TG3Our customers love the accuracy of the Prairie Dog line of boring machines.  Up to this point, however, the length of our traditional machines has not been conducive to replacing their less accurate missiles.  The Prairie Dog TW line has required a bore pit a minimum of 8 1/2 feet long.  The typical missile requires a pit only about 5 1/2 feet long.

Introducing the Prairie Dog 500TWG.  A shorter version of the 500TW that delivers all the accuracy, power and variety of the longer version but in a frame that fits in the same size bore pit as a missile or bullet mole.  We cut down the frame size by 3 full feet but only had to shorten the rod by 1 1/2 feet.  Drill rods are  2 1/2 feet long and feature the same Prairie Dog SMSD thread which couples and uncouples in only a turn and a half.

The machine can bore a 2″ hole up to 100 feet in length and back ream up to 6″ diameters.  Missiles simply don’t offer that kind of versatility.  They are typically limited to one size without modification that affects performance and possibly even warranty.  Missiles can veer wildly off course, so much so that they are being “outlawed” in some areas of the country because they can come up through the pavement you are trying to avoid disturbing.  With a Prairie Dog, because the drill bit and rod is tied back to the stationary machine, severe variations in direction are much less likely.  Learning to use the machine is a breeze.  Just take a look at this testimonial from a satisfied customer:

“As a first time user I can say that The Prairie Dog Boring Rig is pretty simple to use. I made a 60ft bore and came out within a foot of where I expected to. Great piece of equipment!”

Travis Bryan Ms. Band of Choctaw Indians Public Works Dept. Choctaw Ms.Model 900TW

Dirty, moist air severely limits the lifespan of air powered missiles.  Other than a water supply at typical municipal pressures nothing else is needed to operate a Prairie Dog machine unlike missiles or bullet moles that require an air compressor which, in itself, is expensive to own and maintain.

Prairie Dog machines feature quality components like Honda engines and are built to last.  Some of our machines are still in service after 20+ years with only minor maintenance.

Everything you need including the machine which weighs in at about 150 pounds will fit in the back of a pickup truck.

For more information, give us a call at 281-448-8442, toll free at 866-631-3786 or email banderson@undergroundequip.com

Utility installation

Prairie Dog Boring machines have been used for utility installation of all kinds for more than 40 years.
Other methods may come and go but Prairie Dog Machines are proven to work in more soil conditions with better accuracy than any other similarly priced method.
Our machines result in a higher ROI, lower maintenance costs and durability for the long haul. We have 20+ year old machines still in use.
If you are doing any type of construction and have to hire out the boring it’s a pain both in terms of money and finding someone to do it on your time. If you are doing the boring yourself and are using other means like missiles we can definitely save you some headaches without breaking your budget.

New Quick Attach Rail System for PDP140EW add to Pup’s versatility!


At only 7 feet long and 48 pounds this new rail system adds another dimension to our highly versatile PDP140EW “Pup”. Pit boring with the Pup just became much easier. You can use your own pipe or our 5′ pit boring drill stem.

Simply dig a pit 12″ wide and 7′ long and set and level the rail system. The Pup settles into a cradle and locks in with two pins. Installation and removal of the machine takes less than a minute. The rail system is also compatible with our previous model Pups.

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Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc. stocks Wisconsin and Kohler, Robin and Honda engine parts. Rings, pistons, rods, carbs, valves……. For more information or if you need help with any small engine parts give us a call at 866-631-3786


We have engineered a new advance system for the large track machines. It is a rack and pinion design, replacing the ratchet design formerly used. It provides great ease of operation and is ruggedly built to meet the needs of the biggest jobs and biggest machines. It is now standard on the 500TW, 900TW 1200TW, 700TWA and 1800TW (3”-28”, 300 feet and more). Shown here with the Model 1800TW.


We have introduced a trailer package which acts as a self-contained mobile unit. It contains one of the track machines in the range from Model 500TW to Model 1800TW, a 500 gallon water tank, a secure tool kit, drill stem, bits, backreamers and culvert cleaners, all to buyer’s order, hoses, a high-pressure water pump and a mud mixing system for use when soil conditions call for it. It is mounted on a heavy-duty tandem axle trailer with plenty of room for extra storage. Shown here with the Model 1800TW.

Our new Mud Mixing Water Supply Trailer is now available with Culvert Cleaning Cutters in stock sizes from 12” to 27”. Special sizes are available upon request. Innovative adjustable polypropylene exterior wings protect against culvert damage as the interior blades cut through the toughest debris. These products allow use of a low-cost, easy-to-use system to open up clogged waterways and prevent environmental damage through spread of storm and waste water.

View this PowerPoint presentation for detailed information

The New More Powerful “Pup” PDP140EW

new_equipment26cc Echo two stroke engine Only 26 lbs. Total package under $3200