Prairie Dog Boring Machines Celebrating 50 years

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Since 1968 Prairie Dog Boring machines have been offering exceptional value to municipalities, utility districts, and underground utility contractors of all kinds.  While some minor changes have been made to increase efficiency like our rack and pinion advance and standardization on engine models we strive to keep the same durability and accuracy our customers have always expected.

The rack and pinion advance allows for greater feel to the operator and the ability to quickly adjust to adverse soil conditions.  Honda and Echo engines are hallmarks of their industries with time proven reliability and ease of maintenance.

Other changes include the development of the 700TWG for those customers frustrated with the inherent accuracy and maintenance costs associated with air missiles but wanted to be able to launch their boring operations from a similar sized pit.  We delivered on that and more.  Unlike a missile the 700TWG can bore a range of hole sizes up to 8″ for up to 100′.  At a weight of only 130 lbs it can easily be carried by two men into position in congested areas.  No expensive air compressor is needed either, just a common water supply.

In addition, this year we have launched our new E-commerce site allowing 24 hour access to order machines and accessories.  The intuitive platform is easy to navigate and gives our customers and potential customers any-time access to our standard line up of products.

Standard isn’t all we do though.  If you have a need that you don’t see on our pages, give us a call and let us help you figure out the best solutions.  You won’t be navigating frustrating phone trees at Prairie Dog.  A friendly voice will answer the phone ready to help.  In the event we might all be on the phone we will happily return a voicemail promptly.

Give Prairie Dog Boring Equipment a try.  We’d love to be your partner in boring equipment for the next 50 years!