Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment: Efficient and Reliable for Challenging Bore Projects

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When it comes to underground boring projects, having the right equipment is crucial for successful and efficient operations. One such reliable option is the Prairie Dog underground boring equipment. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using Prairie Dog machines in challenging bore projects, with a focus on a recent installation by a new customer, Lakeway Municipal Utility District, in the Austin Texas area.




meeting the challenge l 300x225 - Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment: Efficient and Reliable for Challenging Bore ProjectsMeeting the Challenge


The bore project undertaken by Lakeway Municipal Utility District involved installing a low-pressure sewer lateral from a house to the main. The total length of the bore was approximately 30 feet, with a considerable portion of it, 26 feet to be precise, comprised of solid limestone. The only non-rocky area was the ditch where a water main had been previously installed. This presented a significant challenge that required specialized equipment and expertise.


The Solution: Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment


To tackle the demanding conditions of the bore project, the use of Prairie Dog underground boring equipment proved to be the ideal solution. Unlike traditional methods, such as using missiles or pushing rods, Prairie Dog machines offer simplicity, durability, and reliability in a wide range of soil conditions. Let’s delve into the advantages of using Prairie Dog equipment:


  1. Simple and User-Friendly: Prairie Dog machines are designed with ease of use in mind. With intuitive controls and straightforward operation, they can be operated by both experienced professionals and novices alike.
  2. Durable in Tough Conditions: The solid limestone encountered during the bore project posed a formidable challenge. However, Prairie Dog machines, equipped with backhoe-mounted breakers, 60-pound air hammers, and chipping hammers, effortlessly handled the rugged terrain, ensuring the job was done efficiently.
  3. Reliability and Accuracy: Accuracy is paramount in underground boring projects, and Prairie Dog machines excel in this aspect. The precision they offer surpasses that of missiles or pushing rods, giving you confidence in achieving accurate results.



When faced with challenging underground bore projects, relying on Prairie Dog underground boring equipment is a wise choice. As demonstrated by the successful installation by Lakeway Municipal Utility District in the Austin Texas area, Prairie Dog machines showcase their durability, reliability, and accuracy even in the most demanding soil conditions. For more information or to discuss your specific project requirements, feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are here to provide prompt assistance and ensure your bore projects are completed efficiently and effectively.