Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment: Keeping It Simple and Cost-Effective

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At Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment, we believe in providing machines that get the job done efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. We keep it simple, focusing on low ownership, operation, and maintenance costs to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals without breaking the bank.


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But don’t just take our word for it. Jimmie Brock, Construction & Maintenance Manager at Quadvest LP, a water and wastewater utility company, can attest to the effectiveness of our machines. With three Prairie Dogs in their fleet, including the Model 1800TW, they have relied on our equipment for their daily operations for years. The ease of setup and use allows them to quickly and accurately install sewer laterals under roads, saving time and unnecessary repairs. Even when they’ve tried other machines, they always come back to Prairie Dog. Plus, our dedicated team, led by Bill and Samantha, ensures that they have the parts and knowledge required to keep their machines running smoothly.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We utilize top-notch components like Honda engines and manufacture many parts in-house at our plant in Houston. This allows us to maintain stringent quality control standards and ensure that our machines can withstand the elements and perform flawlessly. And when you do need parts or service, we make it easy to access them, ensuring minimal downtime and hassle.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond customer testimonials. TSgt. Thomas Kiser of the United States Air Force ordered a Prairie Dog machine back in 2008 for the Kirkuk regional air base in Iraq. Not only did it save time and unnecessary repairs on roadway and airfield maintenance, but its ingenious design and versatility made it an invaluable asset. Years later acquired another one for Thumrait air base in Oman. Our machines are designed with the specific needs of airfield repair experts in mind, providing predictability and accuracy that missiles simply can’t match.

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Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy is a hallmark of Prairie Dog machines. Many customers are amazed at the precision our equipment delivers, even when encountering obstacles during boring. Unlike missiles that veer off course upon hitting an obstruction, our machines can still hit the target with remarkable accuracy. With Prairie Dog, you can expect consistent results, no matter the conditions. Our machines also excel in a wide range of soil conditions and allow for the boring of multiple hole sizes, providing unmatched versatility and productivity.

Jason Knobloch from Coryell City Water Supply in Gatesville, TX, has experienced firsthand the durability and reliability of our machines. Despite facing challenging materials, their Prairie Dog machines continue to get the job done, proving their resilience and longevity.

Prairie Dog 700TWG

700TWG 2 1 300x225 - Prairie Dog Underground Boring Equipment: Keeping It Simple and Cost-Effective

Exciting news! Prairie Dog Boring Equipment is proud to introduce the new 700TWG model. This compact machine, measuring just 5 1/2 feet long, utilizes 2 1/2 foot long drill rods. It fits perfectly in the same size pit as most missiles or bullet moles while offering greater capacity (up to 8″) and improved accuracy and productivity rates. The cost of the machine itself is highly competitive, and there’s no need for an air compressor. A municipal-type pressure water supply is all that’s required. The 700TWG is perfect for tight areas where a full-size bore pit may not be feasible.

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