700TWA package *Confined space machine*

$12,477.76 +Sales Tax where applicable

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Great for confined spaces / hazardous locations where exhaust can be an issue or where internal combustion engines are not allowed.

Package includes:

  • Prairie Dog model 700TWA boring machine
  • Twenty 1.25″ x 4′ drill rods
  • One 2″ pilot bit
  • One 4″ backreamer
  • One 6″ backreamer
  • One 8″ backreamer
  • One 10″ backreamer
  • One heavy duty cable swivel

Quantities on items like drill rods already included in the package can be increased by selecting them in the cart and adding the needed quantity over the package quantity.  Additional items not in the package can also be added from the cart.  DO NOT select items from the cart that are already in the package unless you want extras.

700TWA cropped 300x196 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*SMSD Rod 225x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*2 inch Pilot Bit 225x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*

PDP810 4 1 225x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*

6 inch backreamer e1526692844949 266x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*8 inch backreamer e1526692982149 300x276 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*10 inch backreamer e1526691994586 289x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*PDP804 225x300 - 700TWA package *Confined space machine*