700TWG “Harley” Package *Compact and powerful*

$7,950.19 +Sales Tax where applicable

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This compact workhorse has the power you need to get through tough conditions but is small enough to use in confined spaces.  Much more dependable, accurate and versatile than a missile and all you need is a water supply not an expensive air compressor.  This machine will easily fit in the back of a pickup or haul it on a trailer with your mini-excavator and a portable water supply for a completely self contained boring rig you can haul with a 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup.

Package includes

  • Prairie Dog 700TWG boring machine
  • Twenty 1.25″ x 2.5′ drill rods
  • One 2″ pilot bit
  • One 4″ backreamer
  • One 6″ backreamer
  • One 8″ backreamer
  • One heavy duty cable swivel

Quantities on items like drill rods already included in the package can be increased by selecting them in the cart and adding the needed quantity over the package quantity.  Additional items not in the package can also be added from the cart.  DO NOT select items from the cart that are already in the package unless you want extras.

500TG3 e1526503299886 365x365 1 300x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful*SMSD Rod 225x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful*2 inch Pilot Bit 225x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful*

PDP810 4 1 225x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful* 6 inch backreamer e1526692844949 266x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful* 8 inch backreamer e1526692982149 300x276 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful*PDP804 225x300 - 700TWG"Harley" Package *Compact and powerful*