Thoughts from a trade show

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Last week I exhibitied our machines at the Texas Rural Water Association Technical Conference.  I received a lot of good responses and quoted several machines.  The two biggest complaints for these Water Supply Corporations and Utility Districts were exactly what I’ve been advertising as to why Prairie Dog machines make sense.

1) missiles just aren’t reliable.  They can veer of course, take a nose dive and get stuck or come up through the pavement.  The overwhelming majority of prospects that have used missiles for their service lines have experienced one or both.  It typically costs about $6500 to replace a lost missile.  They can own a Prairie Dog for that amount or a little more and never have those incidents happen again.  They also don’t have to have an air compressor or spend a lot of money on constant maintenance.  Unlike a missile, with a Prairie Dog one machine will bore multiple sized holes.  This alone saves considerable money.

2)Many potential customers expressed frustration with hiring out the work to contractors especially to HDD contractors.  The reason being is the tremendous growth in the telecommunications industry, in particular the expansion of fiber optic infrastructure, from nationwide networks to FTTH(Fiber To the Home).  Most anyone that has HDD rigs are busy with contracts doing this type of work.  Contractors that the municipalities, WSCs and utility districts were once relying on to do their boring are now tied up fulfilling their contracts to install fiber.  The contractors that can get to a job for these customers are charging a lot more than they used to and they are only able to get to it when they have some down time.  Common lead times are anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks or more and on many occasions they schedule a job and don’t show up because they have to go back to the fiber optic work.  These Water and Sewer suppliers need a low cost reliable boring system that is easy to use and that gives them control over when they get the work done.  Prairie Dog machines fill all those needs.

If you are experiencing either of these frustrations please give us a call for a quick consultation on how we think we can offer you a better alternative.  You won’t get any frustrating phone trees here at Prairie Dog.  A friendly voice will answer the phone and be ready to help whether it’s for a new quote or service after the sale.  In the rare event we can’t get to the phone we will always return voice mails promptly.  In addition, our new e-commerce pages make it easy to order machines and accessories right from our website or you can inquire by email.

A quick testimonial:

I am the Construction Manager for Quadvest LP. We are a water and wastewater utility company. We currently have 3 Prairie Dogs. Two of these are used on a daily basis, the third is used when we get behind. The Prairie Dog is easy to set up and easy to use. My guys actually put sewer laterals under the road, on grade, with this machine. We have tried other machines, but we always come back to the Prairie Dog. They are always available with the parts and knowledge to keep our machines working like they should.

Jimmie Brock
Construction & Maintenance Manager
Quadvest Water and Sewer Utility  – Magnolia, TX

Model 1800TW